Our Programs

Home Assistance Program

Our home assistance program is an application based home delivery service for home-bound, senior or disabled pet owners. We provide pet food assistance on a monthly basis as well as assist clients with pet related problems. Purrfect!We will clip nails, arrange for low/no cost grooming, arrange for volunteer dog walkers or just help you and your pet have a better life. (Note: before our volunteers can handle your pet, PPC must confirm its rabies vaccination) If you’re disabled we can help you and your pet adapt to your new or ongoing circumstances. Our goal is to keep pets in the homes of people who benefit most from their companionship. If you’re unsure of what we may be able to help you with, apply here. Or contact us. We’re happy to talk with you

Community Outreach                            

At Pet Partner Connections we believe that education and community jesseandkitteninteraction are key to helping people and their pets, as well as address the critical animal overpopulation problem. We visit local nursing homes, child, and community groups with our shelter mascots Bennie the dog and Red the wobbly cat.

Red the Wobbly Cat!
Red the Wobbly Cat!

We’re happy to meet with local groups who may benefit from our very cuddly mascots! We also do presentations or talks on basic pet care, the importance of spay/neuter, and a variety of other pet related topics. If you or your group is interested please contact us.

Pet Food Pantry

In cooperation with local food banks and private businesses we organize open pet food banks for the needy pet owners in Yates County. Details can be found on our pantry page.  Follow us on Facebook to get updates & news

Other stuff

Pet Partner Connections is a “program based” organization, but every situation or circumstance can’t always be easily defined. Our goal is to help responsible pet owners keep their pets at home. If you’re unsure if we can help you please contact us and we can confidentially discuss you and your pets needs.

Veterinary Assistance Program (CLOSED)

When we have the funding to do so we will assist pet owners in need with spay/neuter or other vet related expenses. Obviously, this does not include non-essential care. We will negotiate directly with the providing veterinarian and assist in the settling of vet bills.