Become a Drop Point

Drop points are what we call places were people can donate bags of food to PPC. These are local businesses or organizations who have room to place a donation bin or basket for caring people to leave pet food for pick up.

A volunteer will empty the bins as often as necessary, usually once a week (but will do so more often if necessary).

We have a variety of storage receptacles that we will provide to local businesses or groups who wish to do this for us. From small, folksy baskets to large bucket style bins we want to make this as easy as possible for those helping us out.

We prefer the donation bins be inside or in a place they can be brought inside during non-business hours or bad weather. If you expect a large volume of donations we can arrange for a large, lockable, outdoor receptacle. (These are expensive and we don’t keep them on hand but we can make arrangements for them).

PPC wants to work with you to make sure that our donation bins don’t become a hassle for you or your staff while still protecting peoples kind donations.

Any business or organization who is kind enough to allow us to collect will get a place on our “sponsors” wall here on the website and periodic shout-outs on our Facebook page. We also give our list of drop points to local radio and newspaper agencies.

Anyone interested should contact us, we’re happy to answer any questions.